Our Story

Gilad grew up along the Mediterranean Sea in the Middle East surrounded by the most delicious and unassuming hummus stands. As hummus gained in popularity across American households, he couldn't shake the memory of the nostalgic style of hummus of his childhood. Determined to make fresh, creamy hummus readily available, he decided to swap out conference calls for culinary dreams and perfect his own recipe.

- What does FRESH mean? Well, just like bread, fresh is so delicious. Fortunately, our shelf life is longer than bread which gives you plenty of time to devour an 8 oz container.

- How is it so creamy? We won't give away all our secrets but we proudly use a TON of tahini which gives it a ridiculously creamy profile.

Giladi’s brings extra creamy hummus that's not just a dip. Experience hummus the way it's meant to be — a rich, nutty flavor and an irresistibly smooth, creamy texture. Perfect for snacking solo or sharing with friends.